Shimano Aerlex XTB Reel

Key Features
Family Type: Big pit/carp
Models: 10000XTB, 10000XTBSP
Bearings: 2 Shielded Stainless Steel &1 roller bearing
Line lay: Aero Wrap II
Extra spool: 0
Handle: Single machined aluminium
Body material: XT-7
Maintenance port: Yes (body)
Waterproof drag: No

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A high-impact, full functionality offering from the big reel specialists at Shimano, the Aerlex XTB 10,000 and the Aerlex XTB 10,000 Spod, are the perfect combination for long-distance power casting, and really getting the attention of those marginal carp way across the water.

With a single-machined aluminium handle giving unrivalled durability and power transmission, a strong, rugged, impact-resistant body crafted from Shimano’s ultimate XT-7 material, this reel is set for performance across the carp angling and sea fishing disciplines, and is more than built to handle anything the fish or the water can throw at it.

The XTB 10,000 Spod and the XTB 10,000 allow you to easily send your rig and free bait out to the same distance, smoothly and with complete accuracy – because there’s no point setting up a powerful, dramatic cast if you can’t back up your rig with free bait at the same distance. Without the ability to cast a spod right into the far margins, you’re just going to spook the fish to no purpose. Once you can get your spod out there, though, you’re game on for some lively, carpy action.

On the return, the XTB 10,000’s 5:3:1 gear ratio allows you to bring in 115cm with each rotation, keeping the disturbance of the water to a minimum, and ensuring the fish you’re after stay calm and relaxed while you prepare to cast off again. With two stainless steel ball bearings, and one roller bearing, this high-performance reel has an exceptionally smooth action, and is designed to withstand the corrosive nature of sea and surf fishing, where salt particles can quickly destroy the gearing mechanism on lesser reels.

The Aero Wrap II technology minimises line spooling, ensuring that you get vital extra inches of usable line with each and every cast, and works well with the two speed oscillation system to keep your cast smooth, with exceptional accuracy and subtle presentation, while Shimano’s stand-out instant drag system makes this reel a fantastic workhorse, allowing it to handle feisty fish, rough conditions, and heavy water effortlessly.

Whether you’re chasing the biggest and best of UK carp, heading off for the challenges of fishing on the Continent, or heading out for a session of surf casting from bleak, rugged coastlines, this should be your first and last thought when you’re considering what reels to take.

Shimano are dedicated big pit, carp, and sea fishing reel craftsmen, committed to delivering outstanding products that will bring you results time after time, in the most challenging and thrilling of conditions, and the most diverse fishing spots.

If you’re looking for a versatile workhorse of a reel that offers flawless action, goes the distance, and performs at outstanding levels of functionality in any waters and with any fish, then you should be looking at Shimano’s Aerlex Range. And if you’re regularly casting spods, you need the Shimano Aerlex XTB 10,000 Spod, backed up by the Aerlex XTB Classic 10,000 for maximum performance on the largest waters and in the roughest seas.

With a body mounted maintenance port, keeping your Shimano reel in pristine condition, so that it feels the same cast after cast, even hundreds of sessions on, is a simple job. This is an ideal reel for the novice big fish, big pit, or surf angler, but with the functionality to satisfy the demands of experienced anglers too.