Shimano Beastmaster XB Reel
Reference: PGPID18011907
Key Features
Line Lay: Aerowrap Oscillation system
Body Material: XT-7
Bearings: 1+1
Spool Material: Aluminium
Single Machined Aluminium Handle

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With the Beastmaster XB Reel, Shimano have brought anglers improved performance, with the same quality and cosmetics that ensured the XTA/XSA reel range made such a positive impact on the scene.

A classic big pit reel, the matte black and grey accents of the Shimano Beastmaster give it the ability to blend in well with almost any rod on the market, creating a simple, subtly stylish presentation that you can take anywhere.

With a line capacity of up to 400m (with 0.35mm diameter line), this reel gives you plenty of line for impressive distance casts and long range carp angling tactics, keeping you in control, and giving you the power to bring your performance to life in the style you prefer.

A durable aluminium spool gives you robust longevity, while the handle can turn through a full 360degrees, picking up 100cm of line on each turn for a smooth, fast retrieve that will keep your session flowing whatever the conditions. A 4:6:1 gear ratio gives an easy line flow and effortless hauling power, while precision presentation is guaranteed, thanks to Shimano’s Aerowrap Oscillation line lay system, which turns your line through the cast, ensuring a smooth, flat touch down, and expertly presented rigs on any venue.

If you’re looking for a dynamic fishing reel that can handle distance casting and the demands of heavy range fishing, then the Beastmaster is the perfect choice for taming everything that lies beneath.