Shimano Boat TR2000LD Lever Drag


Shimano TR-2000LD Charter Special

Popular reel for drifting
Ball Bearing Titanium Lever Drag
Strengthened Level Wind
4 A-RB Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
Aluminium Spool
One piece XT7 Graphite frame
XT7 Graphite Side Plates
Stainless Steel Main and Pinion Gears
Stainless Steel Reel Foot
Line Out Alarm (Ratchet)
Retrieve 4.2:1
Capacity 300yds x 20lb nylon
Weight 485gm

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The ‘Charter Special’ is a well proven small lever drag/level wind boat reel. It is very popular with anglers drifting the wrecks with lures for cod and pollack where the level wind takes the chore out of spooling the line as you constantly retrieve your lure. The drag can be set to give you the upper hand but help prevent a large pollack from breaking you on its initial crash dive
It also makes a nice inshore ground fishing reel when targeting cod, hounds, rays etc.