Shimano Aero X5 Distance Feeder Rod 12ft

Key Features

Recommended Ideal Fishing Distance (Up To): 70m
Recommended Line: Shimano Exage 0.24mm
Recommended Reel: Ultegra Ci4+ 5500 XTD/XTC
Recommended Max Casting Weight: 90g

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Founded is 1921, Shimano is a Japanese based company with strong environmental ethics, evolving from creating cycling equipment to the production of top-quality fishing reels in 1970. UK anglers know that when you buy from Shimano you can be sure that the environmental impact of the product has been carefully considered, from conception to production.

The ideal rod for circumstances where long-distance casting is required but the presentation of the bait still needs to be delicate, the Shimano Aero X5 Distance Feeder Rod comes in 12ft and 13ft options, both offering impressive casting distances with accuracy so you can get your bait to reach your target spot at the bank.

Constructed from HPC NANO blank, the rod sports a very fast recovery during each cast and the anti-tangling guides will help the line flying off the spool super easy, reaching impressive distances.

The AERO X5 Distance Feeder rod has two main sections instead of three which contributes to the beautiful playing action of the rod as well as enhancing its strength due to less joint sections. The backbone of the rod is strong, helping to build up the casting power of the rod whilst the tip section remains soft.

A softer rod tip creates a truly beautiful curve in the rod’s flexibility, going all the way through the rod and particularly useful when a fish is hooked. The recommended casting weight of the 90g at both lengths which makes this rod very well usable on both commercial lake fishing, meaning you can fish on bigger lakes when distance fishing for bigger carp. The rod also offers great use on natural waters for bream.

A great all-round distance feeder rod which is still very sensitive and provides a beautiful fish playing action.