Shimano Aero X5 Match Float Rod

Key Features
Casting Distance: Drifting. 13ft = Medium Distance, 14ft Is Long Distance.
Recommended Line: Shimano Technium Invisitech 0.18mm/0.20mm
Recommended Reel: Stradic CI4+ 4000 XG
Recommended Max Casting Weight: 20g

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The AERO x5/x7 range is a completely newly developed range of rods for coarse/match angling. Every rod in this range has been tested over and over again by a team of pro-staff and product developers in order to get the perfect blank actions, balance, responsiveness, strength, guide setting and quiver tip actions. The result: Shimano’s best series of coarse/match rods ever.

It is an extensive range of rods with models for every type of modern day coarse/match angling:

– Commercial feeder fishing, natural feeder fishing, distance feeder fishing.

– Float fishing

– Pellet Waggler fishing

Every rod in this range has a specific story and purpose and that makes them the ideal choice for every coarse angler who is looking for equipment that will support them in getting the very best results in their fishing.

A series of big hitting casting tools designed to fish accurately at maximum range while retaining sensitivity and playing action. Manufactured from market leading HPC XT60 +Nano carbon, producing a slimmer stronger blank with a fast tip, through to a progressive action into the more powerful but section. Finished off with large high quality anti-tangle guides and DPS reel seats. Creating a series of models with unbelievable balance and precision with awesome bite indication properties.

NEW 2020 Shimano Aero X5 Feeder Distance Rod 12ft 13ft 14ft

The Aero x5 Distance, Distance Power and Heavy Distance Power offer a range of rods individually tuned to achieve long and extreme casting distances without the loss of fish-playing action.

Built on high quality HPC XT60 + NANO carbon blanks, all models have a powerful lower section to maximize the input force during the cast and seamlessly transfer it into the forgiving top section to generate maximum tip speed. The advanced carbon blend also produces extremely fast tip recovery which, combined with the large anti-tangle guides, reduces line friction during the cast to increase feeder flight time.

Potential casting distances are from 70m for the Aero x5 Distance 12ft (3.66m) up to 140m for the Heavy Distance Power 14ft (4.27m).

Distance Feeder 12ft – 90g Casting weight

Distance Feeder 13ft – 90g Casting weight

Distance Power Feeder 13ft – 120g Casting Weight

Distance Heavy Power Feeder 13ft – 150g Casting Weight

Distance Heavy Power Feeder 14ft – 150g Casting Weight