Forcemaster BX 10 ft Commercial Feeder


Shimano Forcemaster BX Commercial Feeder Rods

Key Features
Strong and responsive XT40 carbon blank
Moderate action makes the rod bend nicely
Will absorb the head shakes perfectly
Versatile range with rods for feeder and float fishing
The feeder rods come with 2 tips
The tips have been made lighter for more sensitive
All have improved bite registration

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Made from XT40 carbon, the Shimano Forcemaster range of rods gives you strong, responsive performance that covers every aspect of match fishing. All rods in the Forcemaster range boast a moderate action, which gives a nice bend to the rod, setting hooks firmly, and holding your catch securely through even the most vigorous head shakes.

Available in a variety of lengths and casting weights, the Forcemaster BX Commercial Feeder Rod gives you a light, sensitive tip, with enhanced bite recognition that ensures you’ll never miss a single catch.

An affordable range of rods that perform well above their price point, Forcemaster provides a great range of tackle for those getting into fishing for the first time, as well as offering effective back up tackle essentials and holiday spares for anglers at any level. Cork/EVA blended handles give a comfortably lightweight feel, with reliable grip even in wet weather, bringing together the best of both worlds in an attractive, stylish, and balanced rod that’s designed to succeed, and crafted to deliver.