Shimano Trench Compact Rucksack
Model: SHTTG05

Key Features
Organised Compact Design Base Unit
Organised Compact Design Outer Fitting
Barrow Fitting
Watertight Storm Flap Lid
2 Mesh Internal Pockets
Organised Compact Design and D Ring Connection

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Shimano Trench Compact Rucksack

Provided with convenient barrow fittings, the Shimano Trench Compact Rucksack is designed to offer you an organised, compact bankside experience that is ideal for long weekends and midweek overnighters. A waterproof storm flap protects everything inside your rucksack, allowing you to fish with complete peace of mind, wherever you are, and whatever species you’re targeting. D ring connection points make it easy to attach rod quivers and holdalls, or even a lightweight fishing chair, to your rucksack, giving you the convenience of being able to carry several essential items in one handy set up, keeping your hands free for on the spot rig tying, catapulting bait out to a likely-looking spot, or managing the scramble that stalking anglers can sometimes face when they’re trying to get to secluded swims that look promising. If you’re carrying your rucksack on your back whilst pushing a fully loaded barrow, hands-free functionality is a real boon to your angling endeavours! Shimano’s Trench range features stylish, urban design that’s lead by the demands of bankside practicality, so you know you’re spending your money on something worth buying.